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August 07 2017

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I never thought that dragons would exist again. No one did. The people who follow you know that you’ve made something impossible happen. Maybe that helps them believe that you can make other impossible things happen. Build a world that’s different from the shit one they’ve always known. But if you use them to melt castles and burn cities, you’re not different. You’re just more of the same.


do you ever wonder how your blog appears to other people? like, am I someone that’s constantly on everyone’s dashes? am I that person that people don’t know very well, but they reblog often? am I that person that people don’t remember following, but they’re still around anyway? WHO AM I 

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daenerys targaryen in game of thrones 7x05 


Reblog this with a celebrity that you share a birthday with in the tags


By the time I actually experience mutual love/romance it’s going to send me into shock and fucking kill me


imagine how great it would be if your favorite person was laying in bed next to you right now giving you soft kisses

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The fact that she tries to give him back the sword Oathkeeper and he kind of says, “It’s yours. It’s always been yours,” the subtext is it’s almost like saying, “You keep my heart. It’s yours. It’s always been yours.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

But he has an idea for spinoff, should Jaime survive: “The Braime Bunch.” “You’ve got to give the fans what they want, right?” he teases. “So, it’s gotta be a Braime sitcom. They finally get together. Seven kids. They just can’t stop themselves once they get into it.” - Nikolaj Coster-Waldau


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“You think you’re funny, but you’re just an arrogant, bullying toerag, Potter… I wouldn’t go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid.”

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daenerys targaryen in game of thrones 7x05 

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Harry James Potter + The Order of the Phoenix

August 06 2017

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My point is, they’ll take care of you. They’ll be like your new parents, and Nancy, she’ll be like your new sister. Will you be like my brother? What?! No… no. Why no? Because… because it’s different.

netflix and by yourself :/



Had a dream where I was sitting in a dark office and reality felt really altered and strange and there was just a fishtank illuminating the room and then this fuckin fish looked at me and grinned with human teeth and in this super deep voice said “you’ve been here awhile, better wake up before you forget how to” and I fuckin woke up in a cold sweat

Dude I think you went to hell

It’s funny. I still feel like a little girl . I’m still looking around to check and see what other people are doing to make sure I’m not completely different; I’m still looking around for help, hoping for a quick nudge and a whisper of advice. But I can’t seem to be able to catch anybody’s eye. Nobody else around me seems to be looking around and wondering what to do. Why is it that I feel like I’m the only person who is confused and concerned about the choices I’ve made and where I’m headed?
Cecelia Ahern , Love, Rosie
(via thequotejournals)


where’s my oscar for acting like i’m not falling apart 

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